On Simenon in ENGLISH

More On Simenon here and in English here

Simenon’s Island of Bad Dreams, (Le Cercle des Mahé) by John Banville  (2015.06.01)


Georges Simenon, a triumph of raw realism (La Chambre bleue) by John Banville (2015.03.21)


Falling in Love with Simenon, by Cara Black (2015.02.26)


The Case of Georges Simenon, by Scott Bradfield (2015.02.22)


Maigret’s Jurisdiction, by Elliott Colla (2015.02.15)


Paris When It Drizzles, by Allan Massie (2015.01.03)


The Mahé Circle, by David Mills (2014.06.08)


Georges Simenon returns by Julian Barnes (2014.07.05)


A literary whirlwind, by Andrew Holgate (2013.12.22)

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